Spanish Gazpacho Soup in the RAW with...

Ingredients serves 4 3 ripe on the vine tomatoes, cored 1 1/2 cups grape tomatoes 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 3/4...

Spanish Gazpacho Soup in the RAW with Broiled “Cheese” Toast
data: 28.05.10 | chef:

Radish and zucchini carpaccio

Raw food!  Raw food!  I’m obsessed with raw food, I love it.  This is a delicious side dish or appetizer...

Radish and zucchini carpaccio
data: 19.05.10 | chef:

Raw Tomato Patties

Ideal to dip in a raw zucchini and lemon sauce, these are a real treat. Ingredients: a tbsp flaxseeds 3 tbsp...

Raw Tomato Patties
data: 5.05.10 | chef:

Guiltless “Pasta” with Sa...

  serves 1  Ingredients 2 zucchini (1 large and 1 small), shredd in a spiralizer 1/2 cup daikon, shredded 2 tsp...

Guiltless “Pasta” with Sausage Marinara
data: 19.04.10 | chef:

Raw Coconut Truffles

These raw truffles taste like coconut, cocoa and dried fruit. They are an ideal healthy snack! Ingredients: 1 cup of...

Raw Coconut Truffles
data: 9.03.10 | chef:

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