That’s right.. the ecological aspect is extremely important when it comes to deciding to become vegan.

There is something that is generally not taken into consideration. Our planet is not structured and hasn’t got the enough resources to make it possible for all of us to eat meat and even though many of the industrialised countries choose to do so unconsciously, this diet is simply wrong and has horribly awful consequences on the ecosystem of our planet.

The vegan way is a choice perfectly in line with the natural equilibrium and respectful of all ecological aspects. By not choosing the vegan way equals choosing blindfolded and if not us, the next generations will pay a very high price for this affront to our planet.

Cooking and eating vegan also means being a conscious and attentive consumer. It means favouring fresh and seasonal ingredients, and in most cases products grown locally free of packaging that are bulky, unnecessary and dangerous for the environment.

It means grown your own produce, as much as possible, maybe even just the one small basil plant on a tiny city balcony, that you can use to create amazing sauces, with an unreachable flavour.

There we go, being vegan also means being so outside your own kitchen..

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