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Are nail polishes vegan?

Gli smalti si possono considerare sempre vegan e cruelty free? La risposta, come spesso accade, è: non sempre. Ecco a quali ingredienti fare attenzione.

Colorful and trendy, or with soft and timeless hues: nail polishes are always a much-appreciated cosmetic, but what about their ingredients? Are nail polishes vegan and cruelty-free?

The answer, as often happens, is: not always. Even though the popularity of vegan cosmetics has significantly increased in recent years and it is becoming easier to find vegan-friendly manicure products, nail polishes can still contain animal-derived ingredients incompatible with a vegan choice.

There are three most common non-vegan ingredients in nail polishes:

Carmine: a red dye made from the named insects (pregnant females), bred specifically for this purpose. The cochineals are left to die and then dried in the sun, then crushed into powder. Tens of thousands of cochineals are needed to produce just a few grams of dye. (INCI name: Carmine).
Keratin: a protein derived from animal hair and horns often found in nail and hair strengthening products, including nail polishes. Vegan alternatives to this ingredient are derived from soy and almond oil. (INCI name: Hydrolyzed Keratin).
Guanine: a pearlescent white dye, listed in the INCI with the code CI 75170 and can be of animal origin if derived from fish scales. Its derivation can also be synthetic, but to know for sure, it is necessary to contact the manufacturing company directly. (INCI name: Guanine).

smalti vegan

Less common, but still a possible non-vegan ingredient in nail polishes is also lanolin, derived from sheep’s wool and used for its emulsifying action. (INCI name: Lanolin).

Vegan nail polishes? It’s possible!

All these ingredients are not essential for the production of a good nail product: in fact, more and more companies are producing vegan nail polishes in response to the increasing market demand. These products, in addition to being ethically better, often come with non-toxic formulations and as “green” as possible, which makes them also better for consumers’ health.

To recognize vegan nail polishes, avoid products that list these ingredients in the INCI or rely on products that carry a vegan certification logo.

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