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Why does VEGANOK also certify wine?

Why is there a certification for vegan wine? It is not a product containing animal-derived ingredients – or is it?

The VEGANOK certification appears on thousands of large-scale retail trade products, including wine, a passion that many people cannot renounce. But wine is often not vegan, even if it is 100% plant-based. To answer one of the most frequently asked questions about our certification, we will explain why you can also find our VEGANOK certification on your favourite bottle of wine.

The reason depends on the clarification method used by a company to reduce the protein clouding of the wine it sells. This way, they obtain a clearer and, as a result, a more desirable product. It is a process that can be carried out through processing aids of animal origin, including:

  • casein
  • gelatin
  • cow blood

But beware, those do not appear on the label because, by law, the definition of “processing aids” refers to all substances not intended for direct food consumption but which may be present in a finished product as a residue (we are not, therefore, talking about additives).

Instead, vegan wine production involves alternative filtration methods – i.e., through bentonite or by natural settling, excluding any animal product. That is why you can find the VEGANOK certification on a wine label. Simple, isn’t it?

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