Health is a website of vegan recipes and our task is to communicate how nice, healthy and nutritious vegan cuisine can be, surely not how toxic and dangerous the diet of person whose staples are by-products of the meat industry. There are tons of other websites that do this.

In any case we would like to take time to talk about the dangers of choosing to feed ourselves (even worse when we impose it to our children too) with meat and dairy products. Epidemics among farmed animals are a shocking reality and keep supporting ever so sad examples of cross-contamination between animals and humans.

The fact that nowadays farms have an almost compulsive need to pump animals with antibiotics and medicaments and to feed them with chemically engineered food against their own nature, should make it easy for us to understand that we are bombarded with dangerous substances on a daily basis or feeding others with those products.

Even though all of this was avoidabe, even is all of a sudden all of the chemicals and medications tested on animals to feed humans disappeared, the fact that a diet based on animal ingredients is not suitable for us would not disappear and will always bring sooner or later, the rise of degenerative processes typical of our society.

Cooking and eating vegan is synonim of being in good health and mantaining that perfect mental and physical balance, the exact perception of what we are and where we belong. A certain consciousness that will enable us to taste with more passion and appreciate the value of our meals together with its flavours.

Being healthy is above all, being conscious of being healthy.

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