Veg-Terms of use is an innovative experiment of an ethical and shared blog whose aim is to promote an ethical, non-violent lifestyle and respectful of all forms of life. We have chosen to do this through sharing vegan recipes because we are people who are happy about their choice and we want to pass this on with joy and positivity. Besides, we think it’s not fair that omnivores cannot benefit from all the vegan delicacies that will be found on this website and reinforce the stereotype that we only eat grass.

Registering to the website can be done by anyone who would like to share their vegan recipes, all you have to do is contact us to receive the relevant details as to how to contribute.

Registrations are also open to people who are not vegan, although the recipes need to be strictly vegan.

Everyone can contribute by posting comments or suggestions because we believe that sharing information is an amazing experience and that you can never stop learning new things in the kitchen.

Every cook at will have to be kind-hearted, cordial and respectful of others, regardless of them being visitors or cooks. is a place where people should enjoy coming and we believe all of our cooks to be of good character and willing to promote these values.

Every one of the cooks should contact the website administrators should any problems arise rather than argue and have serious discussions on the boards.

We invite all participants and visitors to consider that the vegan choice, even though in most cases equals a diet that is healthier and nutritionally richer than its omnivore counterpart, was not born following such principles but founded on ethics. Therefore when you comment on your or other people’s recipes, given the nature of this website and the people who are on it, you are kindly asked not to mention animal by-products as some people may be disturbed by that.

Thanks everyone for your co-operation!

VeganWIZ Chef Editor

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