Hey! I'm Alessio, 26 years old and have recently relocated to England after a couple of years spent in Berlin. I left Italy and home rather »
Hi lovely people, I am Alessandra and I come from Tuscany. I definitly moved to London three years ago, though I really don't like to say »
Editor and chef at

I am an Italian lady with two passions. Cooking and Germany (in particular castles and sweets.)
Hello everybody! My name’s Antonietta (Anto for my friends), born in 1974. I’m an educator for handicap bearer children [I worked hard »
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I have been a vegetarian for oh! so many years, and I have been a vegan for one year now. I'm an activist for animals and women's rights. I »
My name's Barbara I live in Sardinia the beautiful island of mediterranean sea. My passions are cooking, obviously vegan, my lovely animals »
I am sad to say that I'm not 100% vegan, lets say 99%. I have a husband and a 17 year old son. I adore them both and I always try to make »

Hi there! My name is Eleonora, I'm an italian architect. I come from Siena, but I've been living in London since 2007. I've always been a ve »
G., 25 years old, currently living in Milan. Vegan since 2008 for ethical reasons.
A smile from Italy :-) I'm an almost 20-year-old girl who really loves cooking and keeping healthy. I'm not properly vegan, but most of th »

Hello everyone, my name is Rita and I was born in Cagliari. For twenty years I have lived in various parts of the world, from USA to Japan, »
Woman, new mum, food lover, pretty creative, messy, curious, always too many things on my plate. I like colours, in fact I need to have colo »
Kitchen Shaman
The Kitchen Shaman strives to create vegan food that is hummy and yummy. Combining professional techniques with passion, these recipes will »

Lali degli Elfi
I enjoy myself writing veg recipes because I believe in a really vegan world... not in the future, but now!
Hi! I'm Lia, 32 and live in Turin, Italy. I discovered when I went vegetarian first and then vegan, and fell in love with it. »
Hi! My name is Lili. I am from the UK. I became a vegetarian when I was 10 and turned vegan last year. My main interests are baking and Asia »

Hello everyone, my name is Monica and I'm 24, live in a village in the province of Verona with my two beloved dogs and 2 turtles .. I'm a b »
Hi everybody! I'm Lorena, I love cooking and I like to create things with my hands, because I feel satisfaction in seeing and/or feeling wit »
For the animals, for the planet, for ourselves. Bless and love!

Hi everybody! My name is Manuela,30 years old femal, born in Turin but currently living in Berlin. I love to cook and of course, vegan dishe »
Hi folks! I am Mariagrazia, translator and re-inhabitant of an old XVII century house in a Sabinian borgo, near Rome. Here in the picture I »
Mu name is Ilaria I was born in 1984 in Rome, I still live here with my dad and my dog. I love cooking and I love to collect Rap Underground »

I'm a Italian woman. I live near Padova with my life mate, and a cat called Kira. Excuse me for my mistakes.
Hi, I'm Nello. I was born in Salerno, where I live and work. I became vegan because I believe that all lives are precious. Animals are our »
rani rotem, 29, graphic designer, starting naturopathy this year (wanna help people, good food is the answer :-).

Sauro Martella
My name is Sauro Martella, I am the founder and director of and, I am very passionate about Italian cookin »
I love cooking by day or night, but besides cooking I sing opera alongside my husband who is a conductor. I alos make jewelry and love to le »
Hi! My name is Silvia and I'm 28 years old. I really love animals and I'm devoted to nature and sea, thanks also to my parents and my awesom »

Hi everybody! Here I am directly from the Italian website...7 months now that I'm vegan and I'm a bit proud of it :) Too bed I'm pretty bus »
Hi! I'm Terri, I'm Italian, I'm addicted to blood groups diet, so that I don't eat Solanaceae. I'm almost vegan (I still eat fish, but it's »
Hi there, my name is Jenni I live in Italy and I love vegan cooking! I live with my non-vegan husband, my two little boys and my 16 year ol »

Originally from the Washington DC area, I've lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan since 1990. I have been running a Japanese vegan recipe websit »
Veganblog is the Italian version of the VeganWIZ Network. Thousands of vegan recipes with pictures and comments by hundreds of cooks fro »
I own and run (with my wife Sandra) The Barn Vegan Guest House in the New Forest. We have been going now for seven years and have developed »

Hi everybody! It's been a while now since I read Veganblog for the first time and I finally made up my mind to join you. Now I'm in the midd »

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